Project Management & Social Media Publishing

Create and share social media content, ideas, tasks and everything else you need with your team and clients

Designed To Help You Manage Your Daily Marketing Activities


Create spaces for clients, channels and teams, so you can avoid cluttered folders.

Create & Share

Create & share social media content, documents, tasks or upload content.


Schedule your social media content to be published Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.

Organize With Kanban Boards

Create kanban boards for teams, channels, tasks or whatever your heart desires. Add lists on your boards and fill them with your marketing activities.


Activities With Superpowers

Every activity can easily be transformed into a social media post, task list or be a place to share files with your team.


Main Features

We currently support teamwork across various types of marketing activities, but we would love to know what you’re missing, so don’t hesitate to tell us.

Social Media Publishing

Easily schedule social media posts to Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.

Store Images & Docs

Have your images, documents and much more easily available to your team.


Organize and sort your clients, channels and much more with customizable boards.


Get notified when due dates, responsibilities and more get changed.

Security & Permissions

Invite only boards, so you can avoid the wrong people snoozing around.


Online support through our chat or self-help through our help desk.

Hear Why

“Marketing has always been something that we had to do, and the more things we had to manage and do to get the job done, the less we did”
Mikkel Dahl Bertelsen, CEO of
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