Our Mission

Corro is born out of the ashes of former projects we’ve made. After 2 years working on our former project, we knew we had to get to the core of the problems we wanted to solve and that meant starting from scratch again. It’s an immense task for teams to properly organize their marketing activities, keep everyone in the loop and distribute many of the great things they create, and that’s what we want to solve with Corro.


What started out as a study group ended up being much more and we’ve now enjoyed the company of each other for the last 2 years. We all share a background in IT-product development, but we each have our own fields of ¬†interest when it comes to the process of creating solutions.

Mikkel Dahl Bertelsen

Mikkel Dahl Bertelsen
CEO & Co-founder


Jens Erik Krogsgaard
CTO & Co-founder


Anders Gade
Chief Architect & Co-founder

Our Journey

We wanted to share our journey with you, so you could get an understanding of how important feedback is for us. We want to make sure that Corro will provide value for marketing teams around the world.

May, 2015

The first strokes on Corro V.1 was made. We wanted to cover every content type and help organize with an editorial calendar.

August, 2015

We found a few companies that were interested in using Corro and gathered 200 pre-launch signups.

January, 2016

We worked 80 hours a week, until Corro v.1 was finally ready for the public!

Marts, 2016

After a few months open beta we found out that we were not providing enough value. We added more features in hope that it would solve our problems.

July, 2016

After 14 months we had to realize, that we had build something that just wan’t solving the problems we wanted.

September, 2016

We spent the next 2 months brainstorming new ideas, calling companies, having presentations and we finally found something that made sense.


Through cooperation with multiple marketing teams we’ve made a visual prototype of Corro V2. We’re now gathering feedback on the concept to make sure that it’s the right solution and that it will provide enough value.

We Need Your Help To Make This A Reality

We would really appriciate it if you helped us spread the word about Corro.io and answer a few questions that will point us in the right direction. If you want to get notified on when Corro is launching, go sign up below!


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